Knowledge Center - Webinar - Value and Application of the Industry Standards to Universities: ASTM Compass

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Value and Application of the Industry Standards to Universities: ASTM Compass

1 December 2020


ASTM is a standards development organization founded in 1898 with more than 30,000 members from more than 100 different countries. Main work area; R&D and standardization development activities in tests and materials in the fields of production technologies. It has more than 90,000 stakeholders working in many different sectors such as industrialists, laboratory workers, academics, service providers and government employees. The authority in technology development studies is the source of information.

We will be pleased to see you in our meeting about ASTM


• What is the standard?

• Whats the importance for scientific research?

• Overview of ASTM

• ASTM's products and sector applications

• Material types included in ASTM Compass content

• IEC - ISO - What is CEN / CENELEC? What do adaptation documents mean, what are the differences between them?

• Differences and similarities between BSI European Norms, TSE European Norms and AENOR European Norms.

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Faculty of Engineering students and academics

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Yeditepe University

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