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(Elsevier 5N1K EKUAL Seminar Series-November Program)

Topics: Managing and sharing research data within the scope of open science, Easy and Fast Scientific Discovery with Customizable Literature Tracking Tools According to User Preferences, Data Articles: Different types of publications to evaluate and make visible your research output, Mendeley Data: Discovering, preserving and publishing research data, Elsevier Scientific Book Author Seminar, Scientific Publication Ethics: Permissions We Need To Ensure Before Publishing Our Article.

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Technical information:

  • Trainings will be held on Zoom and pre-registration is required for each seminar via the link provided.
  • Certificate of Attendance: Certificate opportunity is only available for those who participate in the live webinar.
  • Live sessions are limited to 500 people. Webinars will be recorded and shared.
  • The language of the seminar will be Turkish.

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Yeditepe University
Knowledge Center

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