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The first platform in Turkey,, where Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Research methods and the software used in the research process are taught online and interactively, started its operations. Research Methods Education and Application Center AYEUM offers training on qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods used in social, science, health and educational sciences. In addition, SPSS, AMOS, R applications, ENDNOTE, NVIVO, CMA, MAXQDA, Mendeley, Citavi, Zoterov etc. software are taught through online and interactive courses.

Developing a local learning management system software within the scope of R&D studies, AYEUM offers personalized learning opportunities by measuring the existing knowledge and skills of people before education in each training. The software, which detects whether the researchers participating in the training have learned or not, and gives instant feedback accordingly, guarantees 100% learning and satisfaction to the participants.

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