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Dear Library Patrons !!!


Press Reader, With over 7,000 full content newspapers with unlimited access and over 120 countries magazine in 60 languages,  subscription access is activate now.

Press Reader connects you to the world’s best newspapers and magazines.

Newspapers are displayed in their original format and layout, including complete editorial content, graphics and advertising, and are often available before they are printed in their local markets

Access details

*ON campus Access through the university IPs

Access URL  (when you are on campus, click on the Access URL with your OBS username and password)

*ON campus and OFF campus access  via domain Access

Steps to follow for Domain access

Access URL:

Click on "login" in the upper right corner of the page, click on the "Library or Group" tab, and find your institution name from the list.

“Create your personal account by clicking on "sign up" and using your …… @, @ email.

·  Click on the link sent to your email

·  After completing this process, you can access the PressReader content at for 30 days outside the organization. At the end of 30 days, by entering your email addresses again, you can extend your external access for 30 days. This process should be repeated every 30 days.. 

Mobile access:

You can also use the PressReader database on your Mobile Device (phone and tablet).

After installing the application named "PressReader" on your mobile device, you can login with username and password. You can download the publications you are interested in and read them offline.

Note: You can access all sources with the coffee cup icon in the upper left corner or you can search in all newspapers with the search word you want from the search box in the upper right corner.

Press Reader

User guide:


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