Innovative Initiative for Yeditepe Students

Yeditepe University breaks ground by making students acquire one of the most important necessities of our time: learning to learn and bringing skills of continuous improvement to our students. The University is offering one of the leading basic discipline e-books of the world's leading publishing houses, which will help first-year students develop these skills.

The online learning platform and the basic discipline e-books that are presented in this scope, prepared by Yeditepe University in accordance with the requirements of the times, will teach students 21st century skills.

Designed to create an electronically personalized learning environment, these e-books prepare students for their relevant departments. E-books with artificial intelligence equip students with skills such as teamwork, effective communication, leadership skills, problem solving, effective use of information communication technologies, professional foreign language as well as professional knowledge.

Special Assignments for Each Student

Apart from being able to see course syllabuses in the free e-books, Students will also have a more productive academic term by learning about the subjects they will cover beforehand and accessing the related documents in advance. The e-book is automatically changed according to the success of the student and the system leads the students to study missed subjects. The e-book also gives each student new assignments according to their missing subjects.

Some of the advantages that e-books in this system offer to students are as follows: "Measurement and evaluation for learning", "evaluation of learning outcomes", "adaptive learning", "time saving", "increasing the quality of education", ¨the effective use of class hours ¨and "contribution to accreditation competencies."