The Importance of Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines

Due to the cooling of the weather, the number of coronavirus cases is expected to increase as of October. Yeditepe University Hospitals Bağdat Street Clinic Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ömer İnan Ayata stated that getting a flu vaccine will provide a very important advantage in the coronavirus pandemic process. Stating that people starting to go to closed places will also have a negative effect on the increase in the number of cases especially with the cold weather, Ömer İnan Ayata explained that at this point, getting a flu vaccine is one of the first measures.

Internal Diseases Specialist from Yeditepe University Bağdat Street Clinic, Ömer Inan Ayata gave the following information about the advantages of the vaccine: “The flu vaccine must be taken because complaints such as fever, sore throat, body pain, diarrhea, malaise and vomiting can occur due to both coronavirus and flu. So it is difficult to distinguish between the two in the initial phase. Considering that coronavirus tests may sometimes not give 100% accurate results, the flu vaccine will provide very important data in order to distinguish which disease the person has contracted. In other words, when a patient who has had the flu vaccine comes, we will understand that it is a coronavirus case if these symptoms are present.

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