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Golden Badge for the Efforts of Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil in the Last Decade


At the ceremony held on the 38th anniversary of the establishment of İSTEK Foundation, Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil, who was named 'Neurosurgeon of the Century' by the American Association of Surgeons, was presented with a golden badge for his work at Yeditepe University for the last 10 years.

The foundation anniversary of Istanbul Education and Culture (İSTEK) Foundation was celebrated with a ceremony held at Yeditepe University campus. All employees who completed their 10th, 20th and 30th years at the institutions within the body of the foundation were presented with golden badges by the Founder and Honorary President ISTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University, Bedrettin Dalan, İSTEK Education Board Chair Barış Dalan and Yeditepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl. 


Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil, who raised hundreds of scientists and gave life to thousands of patients, stated that he has new studies on the structure of the brain and delivered the news that these studies will be published as a book in a short time. Stating that he is proud of all the work he has carried out under the roof of Yeditepe University, Prof. Dr. Yaşargil expressed his gratitude to Mr. Bedrettin Dalan and Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl for the opportunities they provided him.