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Oct 13

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Şahin Albayrak

Sep 30

"Informatics Talks" will be held on 30th September – 23rd November, 2016, between 11am - 12pm. Event will be at Yeditepe Üniversitesi, Yeşil Salon.

Sep 28

Layer by Layer

Sep 27

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Sürekli Eğitim Merkezi

Sep 20

Bringing a new outlook to the Communication-Design-Advertising professions with 8 different training sessions, the Erdinç Akın Training Sessions are starting at the end of September.


Calligraphy The Art of Decorative Handwriting  

Logo Creation Techniques

Jun 04

III. International Dyslexia Congress, organized with the cooperation of Yeditepe University Center for Development , Disability Research and Application, and Turkish Dyslexia Association will be held at Yeditepe University between 4-5 June 2016. Those who would like to join are requested to contact info@turkiyedisleksivakfı.org for registration or for detailed information.

May 31

31 MAY

National Metrology Strategy and Action Plan Conference with the cooperation of Physics Department and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.