Eco-Anxiety Can Have Panic Attacks Consequences

Eco-anxiety, which we've heard a lot about lately, is a somewhat necessary response to protect our planet, which is actually our home, according to experts. Experts, however, warn that excessive eco-anxiety can lead to anxiety attacks, tantrums, and even aggressive reactions that can lead to panic attacks.

Yeditepe University Hospitals Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Okan Taycan answered our questions about eco-anxiety. Stating that eco-anxiety is a natural response to the threat of human destruction on our home planet, Prof. Dr. Taycan said, “Eco-anxiety is a signal that we need to do something for our world, in most cases it is not an aberration or disorder that can be corrected by medical intervention. Of course, it can be extreme for some people. But the solution here is to take a social stance rather than individual prescriptions".

Reminding that we have been and continue to be very rude to our home, that is to our planet, Prof. Dr. Taycan pointed out that although every relationship is based on reciprocity, people experience the illusion that their relationship with their environment is one-sided. Saying, “We believed that the world would never end no matter how much we consume our resources, and that nature would renew itself no matter how much we pollute our environment,” said Taycan, and continued his words as follows: But the facts are solid and ultimately, with the irresponsible destruction of nature by humans, the environmental disaster called climate change knocked on our door and was slammed in our faces in all its reality. Some call this process we are in as 'global extinction', which is clearly where we will reach if we fail to change the course.”

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