Conference On International Migration In The 21st Century - V

Fifth International Immigration Conference in 21st Century Conference, organized by Yeditepe University Global Education and Culture Application and Research Center (KEKAM), will be held online between 11-12 October 2021. All the members of our university are cordially invited to the International Migration in 21st Century - V conference, in which Immigration Research Association (GAR) will participate in a special session and there will be speakers such as Prof. Dr. Thomas Faist (Bielefield University), Prof. Dr. Catherine Wihtol de Wenden (SciencePo Paris), Prof. Dr. Elif Erişen (Yeditepe University), Prof. Dr. Barış Tekin (Marmara University), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Beyza Tekin (Galatasaray University), and Assoc. Prof. Dr. İdil Atak (Ryerson University) among many others. 



Meeting ID: 852 1710 9330

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