Brand Summit at Yeditepe

The "Brand Summit" organized by Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication, Advertising Design and Communication, and Public Relations and Promotion departments will be held on December 6-7.

Organized under the coordination of Integrated Marketing Communication Management Master's Program instructor Lecturer Duygu Aydin Aslaner and students, the summit will cover the strategies of brands in the world and Turkey, and the communication activities carried out for this purpose.

The summit to be held at the University's Fine Arts Conference Hall will host professionals like M.A.R.K.A. Advertising Agency CEO Hulusi Derici, Filli Boya Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing Burak Basmacı, beIN Sports Commentator / Milliyet Newspaper Columnist Şansal Büyüka, Founder of Power Of Happiness Platform Tijen Mergen, CEO of Markam Consultancy Güven Borça, Yubai Creative Brands CEO Yunus Baran, Brand Consultant Dilek Özman, Kafa Magazine Publisher/ Journalist Candaş Tolga Işık, Technical Director Yılmaz Vural and Sabah / ATV Brand and Marketing Group President Sinan Köksal.

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