To The Attention of English Preparatory School Students 2020-2021 Summer Semester

Dear English Preparatory School Students,

You can learn your classes by checking the e-dönüşüm system.

  1. Please click here to learn the e-mail addresses of your class teachers.
  2. Contact your both of your teachers by sending an e-mail to them.
  3. After you send the mail, your teachers will invite you to their classrooms. In the teachers mail addresses document, you can see which class will be hybrid and which will be online.
  4. Please click here to learn the class hours. Please note that the class hours are the same for both hybrid and online classes.
  5. Please click to check how the classes with be held on each day of the week.

    Click here for B2
    Click here for B1
    Click here for A


  6. Click here to learn the location of hybrid classes in the university premises.
  7. Your teachers will share information about the summer school (books, programs, rules and regulations, etc..) on the first day of the school. (June 7, 2021)
  8. Please do all your correspondence through using mail addresses.

English Preparatory School