Another First from Yeditepe: Russian Language and Literature Department Opened

For the first time among foundation universities in Turkey, Yeditepe University opened a Russian Language and Literature Department. The department will accept a total of 30 students in the 2018-2019 academic year, 15 of which will be full scholarship and 15 of which will 50% scholarship students.

In an age where languages open doors to intercultural dialogue, Yeditepe University, which offers English as well as the ability to learn seven different languages ​​for its students, is again the first university to open a Russian Language and Literature Department as part of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The department will be headed by Prof. Dr. Tamara Gurtueva's who has written 10 books and published numerous articles on literature and literary translation in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Graduates will have job opportunities in the fields of Foreign Affairs, the tourism sector, foreign trade firms, international logistics firms, the energy sector, news agencies - media organizations, the construction sector, translation offices, literary translation and editorials.


Experienced Expert Academicians

Yeditepe University Department of Russian Language and Literature Head Prof. Dr. Tamara Gurtueva said that in the globalizing world speaking a language means opening up the doors of intercultural dialogue. She continued:

"Yeditepe University Department of Russian Language and Literature is different from other Russian Philology and Translation and Interpretation departments with its program prepared by experienced and experienced academicians. After studying at the preparatory school for one year, students will be able to develop the basis of Russian philology by synthesizing the world literature and contemporary as well as actively use them in their professional lives and combine them with special field knowledge.


Student Exchange Programs

Yeditepe University is also in collaboration with the Moscow State Linguistic University, People’s Friendship University of Russia (Moscow), Pushkin Institute (Moscow), Moscow State University (MGU), Saint-Petersburg State University (SPGU), Herzen University (St. Petersburg) Ivanovo State University (Ivanovo, Russia), Saratov State University (Saratov, Russia).

Prof. Dr. Tamara Gurtueva said that Yeditepe University's "student exchange" agreements were approved by YÖK on the basis of "equivalence" and said, "Our students who study in one of the prestigious institutions of education in Russia will continue their education without loss of years."