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Graduate Programs Registration Guide

Yeditepe University is transforming career goals into reality with its 87 Master's and 43 PhD programs!

The online registration process for Yeditepe University Graduate Programs consists of the following stages.

Information and document checks for candidates accepted by the institutes are carried out by the Student Affairs Department. In the event of any impediment to registration or missing information and/or documents at this stage, candidates are notified by the relevant Institute. Once all the necessary documents for registration are complete, candidates are assigned a Student Number by the Student Affairs Department. Student Numbers assigned by the Student Affairs Department are communicated to the candidates by the respective Institutes. Candidates perform online registration procedures using their student numbers.

It is our great pleasure to inform you that you have been admitted as a graduate student at the Yeditepe University XXX Graduate Program for Fall 2023 semester.

We believe that we will contribute to your academic and personal development at the highest possible level thanks to our culture focused on innovation and sharing as well as our institutional values.

To begin the road to academic success, there are a few steps you need to complete in order to become officially enrolled as a graduate student at Yeditepe University.

The tuition fee per semester for the program, Prep School, Scientific Preparation and any Additional Course Fees can be found at

If you prefer to register online, you may complete your payment for the Yeditepe University XXX Graduate Program using the bank transfer instructions described below:


Bank Name: Yapı Kredi

IBAN: TR51 0006 7010 0000 0092 0264 75


Please address any problems regarding your online registration to the Student Financial Services Department at

We hope your educational experience will be enlightening and fulfilling.

Congratulations and we welcome you to our team.  We truly look forward to seeing you on campus!

Students who complete financial registration select their courses through the OBS (Student Information System) using their student numbers within the date range specified in the academic calendar. During this process, the relevant Departments and Institute Secretariats provide support for students' course selection procedures.

The identification cards of students who have completed the registration process are prepared by the Student Affairs Department. The student identification cards feature the photos uploaded into the system during the application process. Students can collect their identification cards from the respective Institute Directorates.