2018 Spring Term Erasmus + Education, Internship and Exchange Applications have started

Application Dates:  01.03.2017 – 10.04.2017

Language Exam dates

English: 04.05.2017 Thursday: 09:15 (participants need to be at the Rectorate Building İnan Kıraç Auditorium at 9.00)
Spanish: 08.05.2017 Monday: 14:00 (Exam location information can be found at the School of Foreign Languages)
German: 09.05.2017 Tuesday 14:00 (Exam location information can be found at the School of Foreign Languages)
French: 11.05.2017 Thursday 10:00 (Faculty of Law Building 438)

The student has to take the language exam of the language of instruction at his/her program. The languages marked during application must be the languages he/she is going to take in the exam. The announcement of the results of the language exam will be announced on the web page after the completion of all the language exams and after the results are turned in.

* Speaking Exam: Information about the speaking exam and exam dates will be announced by your department coordinators after the written exam results are announced.

You can find the application form on the International Office website (Outgoing- General - Required Documents For Erasmus / Exchange Program). Please fill out the form on your computer and submit a printout.

(You must submit your applications with the documents requested from you to the Erasmus / Exchange Coordinators of the departments by 10.04.2017.)

International Office

You will need to submit your application form, along with 1 photo, ID photocopy and transcript to the Department Erasmus / Exchange Coordinator.

Requirements for application:

      1. Having completed one academic term at Yeditepe University

      2. For undergraduate students; CGPA - Erasmus + and Exchange - 2.20 minimum

      3. CGPA for graduate and Ph.D. students - Erasmus + and Exchange - 2.50 minimum

      4. Being a full time student

      5. Having adequate ECTS credits for learning mobility

      6. Receive at least 60 out of 100 from the foreign language proficiency exams and be successful in the speaking exam.

             (The language of the exam to be entered must be determined according to the language of study abroad.)

      7. To comply with the application requirements of the university to be attended

      8. It is mandatory for the students to have an E-mail address with a Yeditepe extension.

      9. The monthly grant amounts based on the countries are on the office bulletin boards. Students who desire can waive the financial support.

Documents to be submitted to DEPARTMENT COORDINATOR with your application:

1. Application form
2. 1 photograph (it must be pasted on the application form)
3. Transcript (no need for the original)
4. Copy of ID card for Turkish citizens, photocopy of passport for foreign students


1. Academic achievement level: 50% CGPA
2. Language Level: 50%
3. A reduction of -10 points is applied for each previously utilized Erasmus (Internship-Education) activity.
4. Students with disabilities (with documentation of your disability) +10 points
5. Martyr and Veteren children +10 points
6. Participating in mobility in the country of citizenship: -10 points

NOTE: You can check the Contracted Universities and Quotas on the International Office website under "Department Agreements" and receive detailed information from your department coordinators. Before you make your choice, it is important that you get information about your school and your language of instruction from your coordinator.