Faculty of Fine Arts 2020

When you are a graduate of this department, in an environment of art and culture, you can work in various positions in various fields such as a curator, art dealer, art consultant, art author, art critic, artist relations in various art galleries and museums, gallery director, museum director, stage and performance arts and QYWMG MRHYWXV] 1] TIVWSREP EMQ MW FIGSQMRK ER EVX EYXLSV ERH - EQ [SVOMRK XS[EVHW MX [MXL EPP Q] IRIVK] XLEROW XS Q] IHYGEXMSR ERH [LEX - EGUYMVIH F] XLEX Thankfully, with the course material and projects that my lecturers provided in my HITEVXQIRX [LIVI - [EW EFPI XS KIX XS ORS[ XLI EVX IRZMVSRQIRX MR XLI VMKLX [E] XSHE] - GER [SVO [MXL QER] TVSQMRIRX EVX TYFPMWLIVW [LSWI WYTTSVX - GER JIIP IZIR XSHE] EW - have not even graduated. =IHMXITI 9RMZIVWMX] +EWXVSRSQ] ERH 'YPMREV] %VXW HITEVXQIRX MW RSX E department that only enables you to become a chef but also a department that prepares us scientifically, culturally and practically with its interdisciplinary structure. We learn about the foundations of the art so that we can build on them in a unique way. Experience is the most expensive thing in life and our department provides us with the bravery and qualifications to experience everything thanks to its contents and our academics. The most exciting part about our department is that our qualifications at the graduation bring us a global freedom. Beril Büyüksüzer th =IEV 7XYHIRX (ITEVXQIRX SJ +EWXVSRSQ] ERH 'YPMREV] %VXW ʔ^ʳQ 'IVIR ˢPLER th =IEV 7XYHIRX (ITEVXQIRX SJ %VX ERH 'YPXYVI 1EREKIQIRX Our faculty, primarily with the understanding of training good individuals, good citizens, good people , aims to contribute to the need of qualified and high quality people in our country, and ensure continuity of the excitement and self-confidence in the process together with a strong academic staff in the professional field, strong infrastructure and programs and the common goal of working together. Prof. Gülveli Kaya Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts