Graduate School of Educational Sciences

Graduate School Of Educational Sciences 1 GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES Our school, which provides contemporary graduate education in accordance with the needs of time and society, has been carrying out this purpose since 2001, when it was established in harmony with the vision of our university. The school is a higher education institution that trains expert educators in the field of educational sciences, and is engaged in education - teaching, scientific research, publishing and application activities. Yeditepe University Graduate School of Educational Sciences carries out its educational activities with 13 different graduate programs including thesis or non-thesis master and doctorate programs. Our school has 556 registered students, including 57 doctoral and 499 masters’ students. Up to now, 15 doctoral degrees and 488 master degrees have been awarded. Our graduates serve in outstanding institutions. In all our graduate programs, we analyze educational issues in different dimensions and propose solutions to problems related to them in the national and universal scientific community. With our graduate programs, we train qualified teachers, experts and scientists in their fields. We aim our graduates to become visionary leaders, who are open, responsible, participative and productive experts with good and strategic management skills. In the light of our corporate professional common values, we adapt our research and application studies conducted by our distinguished academic staff to educational environments and life using real-time modelling. Our school aims to reach the level of an institution that leads interdisciplinary studies by developing inter-university cooperation with nationally- internationally accepted programs. In all our programs, respect to all humans, serving the public and commitment to scientific ethics are among our basic principles. Secretary: Güler Kırış E-mail: Phone: 0216 578 0000 Ext: 3247 Specialist: Gonca Bal E-mail: Phone: 0216 578 00 00 Ext: 3365 / 3214 Fax: 0216 578 1660 Specialist: Aynur Ulutaş Özşen E-mail: Phone: 0216 578 16 36, 0216 578 15 80 Fax: 0216 578 16 60 Graduate School of Educational Sciences Contact Information Web site; Yeditepe University, Graduate School of Educational Sciences