Graduate School of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History

Yeditepe University 2 GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ATATÜRK PRINCIPLES AND REVOLUTION HISTORY Our school, which is the only Ataturk Principles and Revolution History School among foundation universities, is complementary to the “University that follows Atatürk’s Renaissance” identity, which was the founding mission of Yeditepe University. Established to contribute to the correct and complete understanding and internalization of the founding philosophy and basic principles of the Republic of Turkey, the Institute began its academic year with the admission of students for the Master ' s Program in 2004-2005. To fully and correctly understand Atatürk, the values of the Republic which he called "his greatest work" and the values that keep this work as a dignified entity, we need to protect them properly. However, in order to be able to understand completely and correctly, it is necessary to learn very well how this nation suffered and made sacrifices to protect the values in question within the social, economic and political conditions in the establishment process. Being able to understand the Republic today and to produce a healthy vision for the future by evaluating it correctly is also related to our understanding of the founding conditions. One of the basic principles of our school is to give this information based on the most reliable resources, and the other is to scientifically study the effects of the past on today and its possible role in shaping the future. In the center of scientific studies at our School is a great person who has set an example for the whole world with his talents and characteristics, someone who played an essential role with the principles and ideals in the foundation and in the development of the Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Apart from having internalized his ideas and ideals, it is vital that these can be fully and accurately communicated to the younger generations. In addition, it is also important to transmit the true understanding of his ideas and ideals, which have never lost their contemporary nature, to the life of the Turkish nation. Our school aims to adopt the "Atatürkist Thought System" as a living system within this approach. With the aim of understanding the basic achievements of the Republican era and establishing these within an academic and scientific approach, the scope of the Institute does not only cover the Republican years. Due to the background knowledge required for the understanding of this period, Ottoman history in the recent period is taken up in terms of its basic issues.