Student Clubs

Our University established students clubs/societies for students to be actively involved in democratic, social, cultural, artistic, sportive activities and to equally and regularly benefit from the opportunities provided by the University.


  • Only undergraduate students can become a member to Clubs/Societies.
  • One student can become a member to more than one Club/Society. However, the student can not be assigned to any duty in more than one Administrative Board..
  • Membership is effected at the beginning of each acedemic year through registration.
  • The activities of Clubs/Societies whose number of members stay behind ten members for two consecutive terms are ended. For newly establihed Clubs/Societies, this rule becomes effective after the completion of one year from the establishment of the Club/Society.
  • Students who were subjected to any disciplinary punishment can not be assigned to any duty in the Administrative Board. Memberhip of students who were suspended is is frosen during the period of suspention.
  • For a student to be be elected as a member for an Administrative Board, the student shoud not be on probation or unsuccessful (2.00 out of 4), should not be in the Administrative Board of any other Club/Society and must have completed the tenth semester as an undergraduate student except for the Preparatory Program.