Story of the Symbolic Photograph of the Victory

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On 30 August, Victory Day, Prof. Dr. Tülay Alim Baran, Head of the Graduate School of Atatürk’s Principles and Revolution History at Yeditepe University, talked about the symbolic photograph of Ethem Hamdi Tem, taken at Kocatepe and including Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, on NTV. Regarding the photos, Baran quoted Ethem Hamdi Tem, saying; “I am not a historian. Future generations may think that our War of Independence may not be something big. But I photographed how Mustafa Kemal became successful against our foes while having a very weak army in terms of equipment, in front of the whole world to watch. I want to contribute to the future generations who want to learn about Atatürk’s lite and the history of our Republic using my photographs”. Prof. Dr. Tülay Alim Baran also reminded us that Ethem Hamdi Tem put a not below the symbolic photograph, saying “No other nation have such a great statue of independence”.