Young people meet for "Road Map"

The "Youth Worker Roadmap Training Camp" which has been organized as the practical part of the "Partispace Project" which has been conducted for two years under the “European Commission Horizon 2020” by Yeditepe University, was held in Marmaris.



In the Partispace Project funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 to understand the ways in which young people participate in the issues that concern them and the society they live in, eight countries and eight cities from Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Turkey are being reviewed. The universities of these eight European countries are conducting projects in their own countries, and the Sociology Department at Yeditepe University has been conducting studies in Turkey since May 2015.


The training was carried out by the Tepebaşı Municipality Youth Center

The "Youth Workers Roadmap Training Camp", which is the practical stage of the Partispace Project, was organized by the 19th May and 29th October Youth Centers of Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality. In the camp where 23 young people from different provinces of Turkey participated, Partispace Project Yeditepe University supervisor Sociology Department Head Assoc. Prof. Gülden Demet Lüküslü and the Partispace Project Researcher Berrin Osmanoğlu were observers, while the Tepebaşı Municipality Youth Center teams took part as facilitators

Who are the Youth?

At the training camp with 23 people working in the youth field, sessions were held on:

"Who are the youth, Perception of Youth in Turkey, the Definition of Youth Work and Current Situation in Turkey, who are Youth Workers, Communication in Youth Studies, Non-formal Education Methods and New Generation Technology Tools, what is volunteering and My Volunteering story, Why Not Volunteer, Funds & Resources and Collaborations in Youth Work, Project Cycle Management and Sustainable Youth Work, Physical Conditions in Youth Work."