Yeditepe University at the World Automotive Conference

Yeditepe University took part in the 5th World Automotive Conference as a Bronze sponsor with its electric vehicle “E7 CONCEPT CON”, workshops and presentations on university-industry cooperation models.

The 5th World Automotive Conference, where Turkey’s and the world automotive industry's leading companies meet and discussed the latest developments, was held at the Wyndham Grand Levent on October 4-5.


University-Industry Cooperation

Conference executives Faculty of Architecture Yeditepe University Industrial Design Department Deputy Head Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşem Gülin Başar, Industrial Design Department instructor Ergin Yetkin and certified engineer Bünyamin Eşiyok conducted a workshop examining university-industry models.

At the workshop, where global and domestic university-industry cooperation models, the Yeditepe University-MAN Turkey collaboration and other collaborations were explained, participants' mind maps about autonomous public transportation means were drawn. In addition, the “Automotive Technologies and Design Certificate Program” was introduced.


“E7 CONCEPT” Exhibited at the Hotel Entrance

The electric car ”E7 CONCEPT” created by Yeditepe University Automotive Club was exhibited at the Wyndham Grand Levent entrance where the conference was held. The vehicle, which was built by Automotive Club Team Captain Orçun Emre Bakırcıoğlu and board of directors Alican Çeviker, Onur Gündoğdu, Batuhan Özdemir and Özgür Erdemir in 3 months in two workshops at the university, attracted great interest. Next year, the E7 CONCEPT will compete with around 80 schools in the TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge.  With a 1 KW engine and a full carbon fiber body, the vehicle can go 1,5 hours at 60 km speed without charging.