Yeditepe University Moves from Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0

The Yeditepe University Graduate School of Educational Sciences, Information Technology and Social Media Education Master’s Program has moved from "Industry 4.0" to "Society 5.0", shaping the 21st century digital society's learning and teaching dynamics.

While the revolutionary developments such as "Industry 4.0" and "Education 4.0" are discussed in the present world under the leadership of developed countries like Germany and America, in Japan, a new breakthrough philosophy called "Society 5.0" has emerged.

"A Super Smart Society"

Society 5.0 describes how the most productive designs in human-technology interactions should be based on the "super-smart society" model by assessing the social impacts of digitalization from economic, ethical and educational perspectives. This philosophy does not only aim to increase the power of technology with intelligent systems, but also the quality of life and education of the society.

For the first Time in Turkey at Yeditepe University

Without training, experts say the new generation 4.0 and 5.0 approach will not be permanent and effective. Yeditepe University is continuing its Master's Program in Information Technologies and Social Media Education within the Graduate School of Educational Sciences towards this need. This program is only available at Yeditepe University in Turkey as well as at the most respected universities in the world. The program aims to train specialists, scientists and social researchers with knowledge and skills in "digital super-intelligent society", "social informatics", "human and educational psychology" that the public or private sector seeks in the fields of education-information technologies.

The Information Technologies and Social Media Education Master's Program combines different disciplines such as social sciences, educational sciences, computer sciences and cognitive sciences to offer numerous business opportunities to students with "new media, new society and new education" initiatives. To this end, innovative courses such as Social Network Analysis, Social Media Literacy, Artificial Intelligence in Education, and Social Media Management in Education are included in the program.


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