Yeditepe Students in Canada

The second of the "Canadian English Summer Camp" organized by Yeditepe University Continuing Education Center in collaboration with Waterloo University of Canada was held in Toronto-Ontario.

High school and university students received a total of 100 hours of intensive English lessons in 4 weeks from Canadian Waterloo University academics. The camp aimed to help students love English, give support for pre-college preparatory processes, and have the opportunity to get to know a different culture.

Traveling Canada in their spare time

 Students who had the opportunity to practice with participants from different countries apart from their English classes exchanged culture with other participants while improving their English levels. In their spare time summer school attendees enjoyed visiting the Niagara Falls, Toronto Tower, the Jacob's Country Farmer's Market and participating in various evening events.

The students at the camp which started on July 31 were accompanied by English Instructor Elçin Çıkrık from Yeditepe University Preparatory School.

The camp ended with a certificate ceremony by the University of Waterloo on 25 August.