Tumor in the Trachea Removed Without Damaging the Vocal Cord

Tumor in the Trachea Removed Without Damagingthe Vocal Cord

60-year-old Mesude UÇAK, who lives in ORDU,  presented to the doctor with a complaint of swelling in his neck. Uçak, mother of 2 children, who appear to have a thyroid tumor invading her trachea during the operation, underwent an incomplete operation and was told that she needed to be operated on again by a Thoracic Surgeon. Hereupon, Uçak, who was seeking for a doctor, ran into Prof. Dr. Sina Ercan, Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the Yeditepe University Hospitals. The tumor, which was located very close to the vocal cords of Mesude Uçak, was successfully removed without any damage to the vocal cords. Thus, Uçak was freed from the tracheostomy procedure, which would allow her to breathe by creating an opening in her neck, should the vocal cords be injured and paralyzed during the surgery.

Prof. Dr. Sina Ercan, Dean of Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine and Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery, said that some of the patients with breathing difficulties are misdiagnosed and have a treatment of COPD or asthma. He stated that the probability of a tumor or stenosis in the trachea should be kept in mind by physicians and patients who experience shortness of breath for a long time and cannot recover with medical treatment.

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