This Summit was “Branded”

"Brand Summit" held at Yeditepe University hosted leading names in the sector

The "Brand Summit 2018" Conference, organized by Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication, Advertising Design and Communication Department and Public Relations and Publicity Department students, was held at Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Conference Hall.

At the summit organized under the coordination of Faculty of Communication Assist. Prof. Dr. Duygu Aydın Aslaner, numerous national and international company managers talked about the strategic approaches brands carry out in the world and in Turkey and the activities they perform for this purpose.

Speaking at the opening of the summit, Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication Dean Prof. Dr. Billur Ülger said that the US Marketing Association’s 1960s definition of brand as "a symbol, design, name or logo" has reached a very different perspective. She said "the brand today, is a combination of abstract values which will never be seen in any company’s balance sheet."

Opening after the summit, guests Sephora Turkey Marketing Manager Simge Duran, Turkcell Global Information Digital Conversion Specialist Cansu Baki Yılmaz, The Others Agency President Serdar Keskin, DeFacto Brand Manager Elif Çiçek, Johnson & Johnson Beauty Category Brand Manager Özkan Alper, Fox Networks Group Brand Managers Zeynep Ersayın and Emrah Bulut and Turkey Cannes Lions Turkey Representative Vicky Habif shared their brand experiences with participants.

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