She was told she could lose both eyes, and she recovered with the operation.

Mrs. İpek, who lives in Istanbul, has been myopic since the age of 8 and wears glasses, was said by the doctors that she could lose both eyes due to a sudden loss of vision in both eyes when she turned 18. Mrs Filiz, whose world collapsed around her ears, said, "I was very worried. I was very upset and cried that day.” Mrs Filiz, who was recovered from decollement based on retinal detachments thanks to the surgery using the correct method, said she is recovering and is very happy.

Yeditepe University Hospital Head of Department of OphthalmologyProf. Dr Sinan Tatlıpınar, stating that the disease called retinal detachment is a disease seen in 1 person in 10.000, expressed that this situation is rarely seen in young people.

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