The Joy of Graduation at Yeditepe University

One of Turkey's largest private university, Yeditepe University, bid farewell to its 3 thousand 464 graduates equipped with the knowledge and technology of the times in graduation ceremonies held between 29 June-7 July


At the ceremony, former successful Yeditepe University graduates accepted their plaques while accompanying the new graduates.

There was excitement and joy at Yeditepe University's graduation ceremonies for students who graduated from 13 faculties and Graduate Schools during the 2017-2018 academic year. The ceremonies in which the graduates’ families also attended were held at the festival area of the university campus.

The ceremony where students with honor distinctions for the 2017-2018 academic year were given their plaques was held on July 7th Saturday evening.


Yeditepe University Founder and Honorary President Bedrettin Dalan, Yeditepe University Board of Trustees Chairperson Yusuf Akgün, members from the Board of Trustees, Yeditepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Ahmet Aydin, prof. Dr. Yeşim Ekinci and Prof. Dr. İpek Karaaslan, as well as faculty deans and department heads participated in the ceremony.

Bedrettin Dalan: This University belongs to all of us

Bedrettin Dalan, Founder and Honorary President of Yeditepe University, said in his speech "This University belongs to all of us" and continued as follows: "I am the owner of this place but I am the spiritual owner. This spiritual ownership comes directly from the soul of our great Atatürk, a soul that we continue to keep here. A person’s survival depends on one thing only: when the last person to remember him dies, so will he. As long as the Turkish nation exists, as long as Yeditepe exists, so will Ataturk. "


Yusuf Akgün, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, said that the students' education at Yeditepe University and the presence of Yeditepe will lead to future successful achievements.

Pointing out that the number of Yeditepe graduates has reached 46.000, Yeditepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl said, "We have provide you with such an education so that you are now at the point where we will follow you. In what comes next in your life, Yeditepe University's family will be with you in every difficulty you encounter. Never let anyone drive you into despair. "


After their speeches, plaques were awarded to students with honor distinction by Bedrettin Dalan, Yusuf Akgün, prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Aydin, Prof. Dr. Yeşim Ekinci, Prof. Dr. İpek Karaaslan, as well as faculty deans and department heads.


Former Graduates Did not Leave the New Graduates Alone

Students at the ceremony were also treated with a surprise. Former Yeditepe University graduates who have achieved great success were also present.


Yeditepe University French Political Science and International Relations Department graduate Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry and European Union Expert Özge Kotan, Faculty of Medicine graduate Vice President of Public Health Services Dr. Erdoğan Kocayiğit, Physics Department graduate UNITEST Chairman of the Board Baha Kılıç, Business Department graduate Sem Plastics General Manager Orhan Göçer, International Business Management German Department graduate Bosch and Control Expert Berk Göltepe, Founder Abdülkadir Kırmızı and Tbank Manager Hakkı Yıldırmaz, Architecture Department graduates architect at A2 Design Aydin Avunduk,, architects Tolgay Keskin and Tarık Emre Kırhallı, Faculty of Pharmacy graduate Celgene Switzerland Pharmacovigilance Operational Area Leader Burçin Özcan did not leave the students alone when plaques were given.

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