ISTEK Foundation's "Understanding Atatürk" Symposium

Continuing the Atatürk Renaissance, the İSTEK Foundation celebrated its 33rd anniversary with a symposium entitled "Understanding Atatürk".

The symposium started with a one-minute silence and the National Anthem at the Yeditepe University Inan Kıraç Conference Hall.

Pointing out that the spirit of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic, is present at the heart of İSTEK Foundation, Bedrettin Dalan, Founder and Honorary Chairman of İSTEK Foundation said, "His spirit, his ideas are the fundamental principles of this foundation." Bedrettin Dalan, continued as follows:

"To understand Atatürk means to understand the superior qualities which are appreciated by all; the qualities that made him a great soldier, the commander, the founder of the state, the statesman, the reformist and revolutionary, and finally the visionary man whose ideas are integrated with all of them.

Symposium declarations such as "Atatürk's Universal Educational Reform", "Industry in Atatürk's era", "Atatürk's Communication Method Used in the War of Independence", "Atatürk's Perception of Art " were presented by students at 10 campuses in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.