An Idea Marathon for Digital Health was held at Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University hosted the idea marathon “Ideathon 2018 in Digital Health” for ideal solutions in the healthcare sector. At the Ideathon, visited by Yeditepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl and Secretary General Dr. Mücahit Şişlioglu, teams worked on ideas during the day with design-oriented thinking methods and mentor support.

The Ideathon, organized by the Yeditepe University Technology Transfer Office (YUTTO) in collaboration with the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) for entrepreneurs whose capital and industry knowledge is still at a business idea stage, was held on Saturday, August 11.


The Objective is to Cultivate Entrepreneurship

A total of 80 people, including mentors, jury members, guests and 50 entrepreneurs, were invited to the Ideathon, which aims to encourage entrepreneurs to create solutions by thinking in a design-oriented way and to cultivate entrepreneurship culture.

The jury at Ideathon consisted of YUTTO Manager Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Topaloglu, Prof. Dr. Sinan Alçın, Sibel Soyak Eşder, Merthan Öztürk and Serdar Gökpınar. Firstly, mentors Merthan Öztürk, Dogan Taşkent, Emin Okutan, Prof. Dr. Ata Akın, Assist. Prof. Dr. İlker Köse and Hasan Ürey made presentations about health technologies and design-oriented thinking.

A Whole Day of Brainstorming

Later on İdeathon, teams of 5 people were formed, taking into account that the group had never met each other.

The teams, which developed ideas by using design-oriented thinking methods and mentor support throughout the day, presented their ideas to the jury members for three minutes at the end of the day.

The participants said that for the first time they were involved in such an event and that it was very enjoyable to work in a team by finding common points with people they did not know before. They said they were looking forward to the next activities, adding that it was a good opportunity for them to meet with valuable entrepreneurs and academics and new friends.

As a result of the evaluation of the jury, the first team was paid 750 TL for each team member, the second team 500 TL for each team member and the third team 250 TL for each team member.

The first team won with "Healthy Hours 4.0", which was about "Designing a clock that contains data from various platforms and makes it meaningful when needed".