For the first time in Turkey by Yeditepe University Food Engineering Department!

Yeditepe University's restructured Food Engineering Program is implementing a "transdisciplinary" approach for the first time in Turkey this year.

The program, which provides specialization in the field of Health and Nutrition, Gastronomy, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Business, can meet all the needs of those who expect a pleasurable and satisfactory career.


According to Yeditepe University, the new program opens up new doors for those who want to work in different fields such as management, accounting, marketing, and finance as well as engineering in the food sector.

The Food Engineering Program fulfills all the needs of those with career goals by providing the knowledge and skills required to work in the Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics and Health sectors with a holistic approach. Apart from that, it also contributes to the creation of healthy, high quality, safe, economical, sustainable food systems without sacrificing the taste of traditional Turkish Cuisine.

At the same time, the program aims to inform the society and individuals about health, nutrition, safe food, and sustainability issues, to increase human health and quality of life, to make a meaningful contribution to the protection of the environment. It also aims to teach consistency in taste, quality, and nutrients without compromising the safety and sustainability of the dishes prepared at home and in the production of industrial food.

The Food Engineering Program differs from existing programs with many outstanding features.

Yeditepe University's transdisciplinary, practical application and problem-solving oriented Food Engineering Program separates itself from the existing programs with its many features. In the program, there are certificate programs aimed at the industry and opportunities for double majors/minor programs at different faculties. Also, in the laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date technology in the university, it is possible to participate in educational experiments conducted under the supervision of experienced academics and experts, and in scientific research projects carried out in cooperation with the industry. For a successful career, it is necessary to have access to experts in the field who can open doors to business opportunities.