Architecture Faculty Design and Apply Workshop

A Design and Apply workshop within the theme of "X-Change Unit" is going to be held within the Department of Architecture of Yeditepe University between the dates of 08 - 13 June 2022. Within the framework of this workshop, a semi-open construct is going to be designed, constructed and placed within the campus' landscape. The workshop is going to be conducted by Prof. Dr. Charlie Hailey, hailing from the Architectural School of Florida University, who is one of the specialists within the field of Design and Apply and by a team consisting of lecturers and students from the Department of Architecture of Yeditepe University. The filming and documenting of this workshop process is going to be made by the lecturers and students of the Department of Architecture.

This workshop is supported by Tübitak BİDEB, Gerflor Group, Türk Ytong Industry Inc. and Yeditepe University's Project Office. Yeditepe University's Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Department of Construction Engineering, Environment and Landscape Office and Directorate of Maintenance-Repair is also offering their support for this process. AURA Istanbul is also going to host a public conference which is within the framework of the workshop.

Everyone is invited to the opening ceremony which is going to take place at the southern meadows of the Building of Fine Arts on 13 June 2022 Monday, 16:00.