Women and the Revolution in Latin America

Yeditepe University History Department MA student Onur Yamaner’s book “Women and the Revolution in Latin America” has been published.

The book, which consists of articles by young academics, is divided into three parts; Women in Literary Discourse, Women in Revolution and the Guerilla Movement, and Symbolized Women Figures. Each of these parts talk
about women’s identity in Latin America, their struggle with sexist masculinity, and the social problems that women are forced to face every day.
The reader has the opportunity to examine the lives of women from different regions on the continent from different perspectives and approaches. These are told through the transformation periods of Chilean women by the words of exiled Sabel Allende, through the marks iconic legend Eva Peron left in Argentina, through women figures told in magical realism by Gabriel García Márquez and through the findings and discourse about feminism by Gertrudis Gomez de la Avellanada.