Students Meet CEOs at BEYIN'18

One of the most interesting activities of the academic year, the 10th "BEYIN'18" event will take place at Yeditepe University between 23-25 ​​February this year.

Apart from Yeditepe University students, nearly 500 students from universities from different cities will participate in the event, which was organized to encourage sector-student networking.

The event, which was organized with the slogan "Begin Tomorrow Today" by Yeditepe University Industry and System Group (YUSES), seeks answers to the question "What can we do today to succeed in the future and reach our targets today?"

For three days, the event will host renowned businessmen, their companies and sponsor firms, and many successful domestic and foreign CEOs, board chairpersons, and C-level executives like Nestlé Turkey CEO Felix Alleman, Toyotetsu General Director Mitsuo Goto, Airbus Eastern Europe and Central Asia Senior Sales Director Douglas Anderson will share their business experience with students.

Internship Opportunity

The students who come to the booths of sponsor companies in the exhibition area with their CVs will be able to have internship opportunities after passing through a preselection. Personal development seminars, workshops and interactive games will be organized at the end of the event and the participant will be given certificates.

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