Preserving the Mental and Body Health During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

World Health Organization (WHO) announced Coronavirus (Covid-19) as a pandemic. Just like most of the countries, our country and our university are coming up with prevention methods. The nature of Covid-19 and its effects on social life/economy causes uncertainty. Our mental health gets affected by this uncertainty. During this period, it is essential to regulate and cope with our emotions. As Yeditepe University, we understand you, and we are here for you.

Ways to Cope with Stress

1. Awareness of stress symptoms
Uncertainty makes everyone give different responses to stress
During this period, we might show signs of stress, such as:

  • Repetitive thoughts: “What is happening, what will happen next?”
  • The need for following the news, and checking up on loved ones
  • Changes in sleeping and eating routines
  • Hard time focusing
  • Want to cry frequently
  • Tender muscles, not being able to relax
  • Not feeling anything, numbness
  • Isolating self, hard time in communicating, not wanting to communicate

2. Listen to your Emotions
After realizing these symptoms, you can focus on how you feel. It is OKAY to feel anxious, worried, concerned, frightened, sad and angry. Instead of running away or try to get rid of these feelings, it is essential to accept them and allow ourselves to feel these emotions. It would help to share or write down how you feel.

3. Use Different Coping Strategies
We all use different methods and strategies to cope with stress. One approach might work with one of your friends but may not work for you. That is why it can be helpful to now different methods and try them out to find the working one for you:

  • Keep up with your daily routine; wake up early, dress up as if you are going out, go to bed only when you are sleeping
  • Start your day with a plan; when are you going to study, when are you going to watch a movie, are you going to do any sports at home? Our brain likes to know what to do beforehand. This will make you feel like: "I have it under control."
  • Do activities that will make you feel good; listen to music, do exercise, try out/do yoga and meditation, start a new podcast, join an online course, visit online museums, read books  and watch movies that will give inspiration 
  • Show respect to your own body; eat healthy food, get a good night’s sleep, be active, stay away from smoking and drinking.
  • Continuity of togetherness; other than texting your friends you can video call them
  • Get information from reliable sources; analyze and evaluate everything you read and hear analytically.
  • Do not underestimate the strength of yourself; humans are programmed for survival, remember that our capacity for dealing with hard times and coping is higher than you think.

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