Our Student Center is Always With You!

Yeditepe University Psychotherapy and Education Center (YUPEM) and Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service (YURES) are at your service!

Now we have a psychotherapy center (YUPEM) for our students and employees who are seeking psychological help.

In our facility which operates in the Annex Building of Faculty of Fine Arts, our 2 (two) clinical psychologists are at your service.

While our students and employees may be referred to our center by the currently active guidance counsellors and psychologists, hospital physicians, academics or executives, they also have the opportunity to apply personally.

Psychotherapists working in our center:

●      Clinical Psychologist Gamze Farz

E-Mail: gamze.farz@yeditepe.edu.tr

Extension: 0216 - 578 00 00 (3272)

Location: Faculty of Fine Arts Annex Building 5th Floor (The floor on which Pattern Workshop is located)

●      Clinical Psychologist Esat Küçükali

E-posta: esat.kucukali@yeditepe.edu.tr

Telefon Numarası: 0216 - 578 00 00 (3270)

Location: Faculty of Fine Arts Ground Floor

Specialists who are providing services in our university’s Student Center

Senior Psychologist Esin Söyler Gürler

Senior Psychologist Nurgül Canatan

Click here for contact.

Specialists who are providing services to the Prep School Students

Students at the B1 level, Remziye Kozacıoğlu

Students at the B2 Level, Hülya Özkan Mursaloğlu

Students at the A level, ELT Preparatory Program and Proficiency can contact Irmak Özen and make their appointments. Also, by clicking to the link, you may click on the name of the specialist who is attending to your group and you may contact them by accessing the e-mail information.

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