‘Make a Wish’ Awards Create Hope for Children This Year As Well

The university representative of the ‘Make a Wish’ Association, Yeditepe University ‘Make a Wish’ Volunteers will organize the 6th “Make a Wish” Awards this year. The volunteers create projects that fulfill "wishes" for children aged 3-18 struggling with life-threatening diseases.

The ‘Make a Wish’ Awards, which is the first award ceremony in the field of social responsibility among universities, will be given in 35 categories including culture, art, sports and media.

Yeditepe University ‘Make a Wish’ Volunteers, which has been creating hope for children since 2009, traditionally chooses the "Best of the Year" with its annual student survey. The revenue from the "Best of the Year" awards are transferred to the association's projects as a source.

Surveys conducted this year also show that more than 5 out of 5 students from Yeditepe University meet. Chosen by more than 5000 Yeditepe students, the "Best of the Year" will be announced at 20.00 on Monday, March 5th.

Many famous names will be joining the ‘Make s Wish’ Awards organized by the biggest ‘Make a Wish’ Association in Turkey: the Yeditepe “Make a Wish” volunteers.

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