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STATdx Radiology Online Decision Support System offered by Elsevier Health Science is available for your use until 17th July, 2020.

STATdx® gives you online access to expert-based decision support, so you can increase speed, accuracy and confidence in diagnosing complex imaging cases.

On Campus Access

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Off Campus Access

Password will be sent to users who request for remote Access.

You can send your private e-mail information to Gökhan Baykal ( along with your institution name, surname and institution email, and make an e-mail request.

About STATdx

Rely on the Experts

STATdx, written by renowned radiologists in each specialty, provides comprehensive decision support you can rely on, including:

  • Over 4,700 common and complex diagnoses : More than 4,700 diagnoses written by the world’s leading experts in radiology. Each diagnosis module contains Key Facts,
  • 200,000 expert-selected and annotated image examples : STATdx includes over 200,000 searchable images, including x-ray, CT, MR and ultrasound images.
  • 195 basic and advanced procedures :Review concise, detailed information for both simple and interventional radiological procedures. Includes step-by-step guidelines, images, pre- , intra- and post-procedure tips, and common potential problems and complications.
  • More than 1,400 differential diagnosis modules : The nearly 1,400 Expert Differential Diagnosis modules are based on anatomy, imaging patterns, clinical presentation, or modality-specific findings.
  • Comprehensive normal imaging anatomy
  • 20,000 easily-sortable patient cases with cine clips for select topics

Diagnostic Confidence

Make Decisions with Differentials

Differential Diagnosis topics are created by radiology specialists in each area and contain a list of diagnoses relevant to a specific finding (such as liver scar). The diagnoses are ranked by Common, Less Common, or Rare. Unique imaging clues help you determine which diagnoses to consider and compare, guiding you through the diagnostic process.

Compare Diagnoses

Once you determine which differentials to consider, use the Compare feature to compare multiple diagnoses, side-by-side

Patient Case Examples

Each example case is connected to a specific diagnosis and includes demographics, history, case description and the author/contributor. All cases include numerous labeled images and certain cases include cine clips.

40,000 Live References

Key references appear at the end of each diagnosis, selected by radiology experts. Click to delve deeper into the details.

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