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2019-2020 Academic Year will begin on September 09, 2019, Monday. INFORMATORY MEETING  is organized by the Coordinator of Basic Medical Sciences of Faculty of Dentistry, on September 09, 2019, Monday,  at 11.00 a.m. at Yeditepe University Campus Fine Arts Building, New Building, Seventh Floor, Class room No: 1.  We are expecting you all come to the meeting. You will be informed about the education in Basic Medical Sciences, then at 2.00 p.m., the lessons will begin.       Prof.Dr. İnci Özden Coordinator of Basic Medical Sciences of...
English Preparatory School 2018-2019 Summer RETEST SCHEDULE
Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences will accept applications for the following new programs for 2019 Fall semester.  Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering - PhD Architectural Studies - PhD Sustainable Energy – MSc  (with or without Thesis) For detailed information about the programs; Click here for program content. Click here for multi-disciplinary programs. Click here for detailed information about the application process.
Times Higher Education (THE) University Ranking; At Young University 2019, we were ranked 301+ in the world's youngest universities. Click for rankings.  
Location: 26 August Residential Festival Area
Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication Public Relations and Publicity Department’s internationally peer-reviewed online journal "Global Media Journal TR Edition" Spring 2019 18th issue has been released. The Global Media Journal, an online and open access academic journal, is published in 14 countries ​​in various languages. The Global Media Journal Turkish Edition is published online by Yeditepe University twice a year in the spring and fall periods. The journal, which aims to create a network among academicians and inform each other about their work, includes academic studies...