A First for Women in the Energy Sector

"Women in Power" organized by Power & Energy Society (PES), which is a branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers's (IEEE) and a global community of which Yeditepe University is part, will take place in Turkey for the first time at Yeditepe University on March 3rd.

The "Women in Power" event, which is one of three major events held across the world by Smart Village and Smart Grid as well as PES, will host more than 1000 people from 50 different universities in Turkey.


"Women in Power" aims to raise women to leadership positions in the sector by providing mentors, leading women's education and networking studies, and increasing the number of women working in the energy sector, which will highlight the difficulties women face in the energy sector and shed light on a different point of the industry.

In the event, employees from Tredaş and General Electric will share their experiences with participants and explain the difficulties of standing solely as a woman outside the company concept.