Education and Fun


At the summer school that will last for 13 days, students together with their peers at the Yeditepe University High School Summer School will learn about the professions they are curious about and can pursue after graduating from high school at a place full of education and fun.

Apart from learning about professions and other subjects in an interactive and practical way, the students will have the opportunity to receive 2 hours of English classes every day from professors from Waterloo University, Canada.

The participating students, who will participate in business trips as well as trips involving social responsibility activities, will continue their education in a rich environment filled with various sports and student organizations at the campus.

From the 2015-2016 High School Summer Camp Boat Trip 

The Summer Camp consists of a 2-weeks intense and busy program.

  • 52 hours of academic courses (32 hours professional, 20 hours English language learning)
  • 4 hours of company (business world) trips, 4 hours of social responsibility trips
  • 12 hours of student club activities and organizations

The High School Summer Camp will take place between 02-14 July 2017. All high school students can participate.

For further information, please visit  Sürekli Eğitim Merkezi / Lise Yaz Okulu