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Sustainable Campus

Recently rapid urbanization and population growth had dramatic environmental consequences globally. The need for sustainability had become crutial more than ever. Sustainability concept had first been used in the Brundtland Report prepared by the United Nations’ World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) in 1987 and the environmental rights of the future generations had been remarked.

Yeditepe University as being a leader institute in many aspects; has goals to foster environmental awareness and sustainability in the community. Yeditepe University has several sustainability efforts to achieve sustainable campus life. Major categories considered for sustainability practices are;  campus setting and infrastructure, energy and climate change, wastes, water conservation, transportation and education.

Yeditepe University is a member of World University Rankings Network (UIGWURN) as a participant of UI GreenMetric. UI GreenMetric has been recognized as the first and only world university rankings on sustainability. UI GreenMetric is primarily about awareness raising. Its a platform to turn sustainability issues into action.  In this network, participants can share their best practices in sustainability programs as well as networking with other participants worldwide. Currently the network consists of 515 participating universities from 75 countries around the world located in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, America and Oceania.



Solar Panels at Yeditepe University

Green Building Implementations ( Full Natural Day Lighting / Natural Ventillation )


Biological Wastewater Treatment Facility

Recycling of Inorganic Wastes

Organic Waste Treatment

Toxic Waste Handled

Drip Irrigation   System                                              Recycle Water Used                                               Campus Toilet System
                                                                                        Garden Sprinkler Systems   


Energy Efficient Appliances Usage

Automatic Door Sensor System                                                                                                     

Automatic Fire Alarm Sensor System     

Automatic Light Sensor System   

Yeditepe University takes its place among the Greenest and most Sustainable Colleges in the World!

                   Yeditepe Hand in hand with Children for "Sustainability"