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Re-enrolment dates are between 22 August- 26 August.

Students can make their payments in two ways as indicated below:                           

  1.  Payments can be made in all branches of Yapı Kredi Bankası in Turkey.

      2. Payment can be made with credit card by using virtual mailbox from the address www.yeditepe.edu.tr.   (Virtual mailbox will be opened as of  August 2016).

Pre-registration for the courses will be on the dates between 8th Agust 2016 -  19th Agust 2016. Registration for the courses will be on 31 August 2016.

Click here to pay by credit card

You can find the annual tuition for your program on Student Information System (OBS) by choosing Education Information tab under Personal Information. 




Pre-registration will take place 9-17 January 2017 while Course Registrations will take place 26-27 January 2017.

Re-registration procedures will take place 12-20 January 2017.

Students who do not have fee approvals;

Students who do not have fee approvals have to get their 2016-2017 Academic Year Spring Term fee payments approved latest 20 January 2017 by the end of the business day.

Students can make their payments in two ways:

  1. At all branches of Yapi Kredi Bankası all over Turkey.
  2. Via credit card by using the VirtualPos at www.yeditepe.edu.tr (VirtualPos will be available after 12 January 2017)

All undergraduate students are required to preregister on the obs system . Since English Preparatory students will be in the exam week during the pre-register dates, they will be able to register their courses in the add/drop dates 06-08 February 2017 via the obs system .