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Yeditepe University Medical Faculty Becomes Founding Member of the "Belt and Road International Medical Education Alliance"

Yeditepe University joined as a founding member to the "Belt and Road International Medical Education Alliance". The Alliance represents 15 countries on the Silk Road students and opens doors to rooted medical faculties of Asian countries

Yeditepe University, as well as 49 medical faculties from 15 countries, attended the "Belt and Road International Medical Education Alliance"(BRIMEA) meeting held on May 27, hosted by China Medical University in Shenyang, China. Dean Prof. Dr. Sina Ercan signed the "Shenyang Consensus" on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine and Yeditepe University. Yeditepe University is part of a partnership that largely opens the doors for its students to rooted medical faculties in Asian countries, with a collaboration similar to that of a training co-operation with the Houston Methodist Hospital in the west.


The Second International Forum on Higher Medical Education

On the second day of the organization, Yeditepe University Medical School Dean Prof. Dr. Sina Ercan presented a keynote titled "Program Development and Vision of Innovative Approaches in Medical Education" at the "Plenary Session" for "The Second International Forum on Higher Medical Education". In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ercan pointed out many innovations that would break ground in medical education from interdisciplinary medical education to artificial intelligence and augmented reality.



After his speech, Prof. Dr. Sina Ercan met with Mr Yang Jun, Vice President of Hainan Medical University, and Assoc. Prof. Dr Guo Guo Li, and Prof. Dr Zafar Ullah Chaudhry, President of the Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The continuity of cooperation was emphasized with ribbons attached to the memorial tree.

The China Medical University Museum was also visited during the forum.