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Yeditepe University among "Most Favorite Universities"

Yeditepe University was ranked 5th among private universities in Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey’s “Most Favorite Universities” study targeting students representing the future of organized labor.

A total of 28,214 students from 113 universities were asked about 58 questions gathered under 12 chapters in a survey on what students expected from the universities that add future competencies to students and shape the workforce. Research conducted between December 2017 and April 2018 was announced through career centers, student clubs, social media, posters, and email. Topics asked in the survey were as follows (universities with student population under 750 were included): Academic Staff, Academic Support, Assessment and Feedback, Learning Resources and Environment, Courses and Training Program, Personal Development, Social Environment, Location-Transportation and Facilities, Student Services, Alumni Community, Career Center and Internship, and General Satisfaction. "

Yeditepe University ranked 5th among foundation universities and 9th in the overall ranking.

"Being a Rooted Institution Creates Condidence among Students"

Yeditepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl pointed out that about 60 percent of graduates immediately find employment after graduation, while the rest find jobs within the next 6 months after graduation. She also added:

"Our university is one of the earliest foundation universities and over 40,000 graduates are one of the reasons why we are preferred because being a well-established institution is a factor that creates confidence in students. The other reasons why are preferred are the quality and richness of our academic staff, a strong laboratory infrastructure, accredited undergraduate programs, international collaborations, interdisciplinary double major and minor program opportunities (engineering, business sciences, law, ...), and being a campus university able to provide all kinds of student needs."

Stating that they organize courses in different subjects in order to prepare students for their university life and their lessons, Canan Aykut Bingöl said "These are personal development, introduction to social sciences, introduction to mathematics and coding courses. Parallel to innovations of our times, this year we will give Artificial Intelligence courses for all our students."


"We are one of the leading universities in the number of registered patents"

Prof. Dr. Bingöl emphasized that the interaction between industry and the public is very high in all the faculties of Yeditepe University.

"As Yeditepe University, we are operating efficiently in both our undergraduate and graduate programs which have established the" triple helix "(university-industry-public) structure as a research policy. For example, the Department of Industrial Product Design at the Faculty of Architecture has signed a bus seat and dashboard design contract with the MAN bus company. As a result of a study carried out by the university industry cooperation commission, the Faculty of Engineering students were given the opportunity to receive certified education through the course "Automotive Technology and Design". Similarly, the Faculty of Pharmacy has opened a certified elective courses called "The Pharmaceutical Industry with Bayer", which was a first in Turkey in the area of branded courses.

We are among the leading universities which pioneer the transformation of information technology and in the number of patents registered in Turkey. "