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Prof. Dr. Metin Balay receives "Honorary Award"

Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty, Head of Theater Department Prof. Dr. Metin Balay receives "Honor Award" at the 23rd "Turkan Kahramankaptan Special Awards" given by the Besiktas Çırağan Lions Club.

The "Türkan Kahramankaptan Special Awards" were given to the owners at a ceremony held at the Ortaköy Cultural Center in Besiktas.

At the ceremony "Honorary Award" winner prof. Dr. Metin Balay, said that it is an award to spend time and effort at the arts and theater. He also said: "It is actually award to be recognized for this effort. It is a great honor to receive such a distinguished award. Thank you so much. As Brecht said, ‘All art forms are in the service of the greatest of all arts: the art of living.” This award is a great incentive for the effort I will spend on this path".