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Map of Needs Summit at Yeditepe University

Map of Needs Summit " organized by Yeditepe University Entrepreneurship Club in cooperation with "Map of Needs", whose founding partner is actor and screenwriter Mert Fırat, took place on 7-8 October, at the University's August 26th Placement.

Speaking at the opening of the Summit, Advisor to Founding President Yeditepe University Prof. Dr. Sedefhan Oğuz stated that everyone should take on this social responsibility and said "I would like to thank Mert Fırat, my friends and colleagues for launching such a beautiful project and giving us the opportunity to contribute."

"A Project Owned by Everyone"
Saying that the Needs Map is a project that everyone owns, actor and screenwriter Mert Fırat added "The map of needs grew faster than we expected and continues to grow thanks to you." Expressing that his dreams were always to create something sustainable, Mert Fırat noted that they started with high schools and universities to continue sustainability. Emphasizing that the most important element in good intentions is planning, Mert Fırat said that without planning, a job cannot be achieved. "Planning is the most important step. At this point, the Map of Needs is a planning mechanism ".

General Coordinator of Map of Needs, Esra Arslan, said, "You have done more than just participating" to the ones who have contributed to Map of Needs. She added, "From the beginning to the end, together we have created something that was a dream for us."

After the opening, Prof. Dr. Sedefhan Oğuz gave a plaque of thanks to  Mert Fırat and Esra Arslan.

In the summit many sessions such as "Technology and Civil Area", "Who does what for goodness", "Volunteerism", "Social Entrepreneurship" were held and experiences of volunteers and people in need were shared.