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Award for Students of Yeditepe University Architecture Department

"Group SABU" which consists of Yeditepe University and Istanbul Technical University students, won second prize in the "Concrete Ideas Project Design Competition", which was attended by 1340 students from 117 universities in Turkey.

The award ceremony for the competition in its 8th year took place at Sabancı Center with the slogan "Go Idea Go".

The winner of the competition was the "Non-toxic Carbon Monoxide Carbon Group" of Pamukkale University and İstanbul Bilgi University students."Grup SABU" consisting of Pınar Beyazıt, Aslı Dönmez and Ceyhun Isik from Yeditepe University Architecture Department and Civil Engineering student Burak Hamurluoğlu from Istanbul Technical University came second in the competition. Bogazici University students "Group Cementie" took third place in the competition.

The first group members received a MacBook Air, the second group members an Apple Watch, and the third group members a Drone.