Information Regarding the Prep School Exams and Points to Consider

Dear Students,

You may access your exam buildings and hall names for the Prep School exams that will take place between 14 – 18 September 2020 on “English Prep School Proficiency Exam Room Query” section on web page.

We would like to inform you about all the precautions taken during the exam period within the campus and student residences due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. A HES code (obtained from the Ministry of Health’s app) will be required to pass through both entrances. We kindly request all our students and parents to download the “Life Fits Into Home” (Hayat Eve Sığar) app to their mobile phones.
  2. Students whose HES Code query provides a No Risk return will be guided to the exam halls by the staff after they enter the campus grounds.
  3. We kindly request the parents to wait in the open areas of the campus instead of the buildings.
  4. Students whose HES Code query returns Risky should send their HES Code query results and relevant bill of health to e-mail address. For such students, a new exam schedule will be prepared at the end of their quarantine period by the Coordinatorship of the Prep School.


  1. Student admittance to the residences for the Proficiency Exam on 14 September 2020 will take place on 13 September 2020.
  2. A HES Code query will be conducted during the admittance. Students and their families whose HES CODE query returns a No Risk response can stay at Meydan Female Hall of Residence and Male Hall of Residence.
  3. Students who will participate in both exams and their families have to leave the student hotels no later than 19 September 2020, Saturday.

Use of masks is mandatory throughout the campus grounds. Disinfectants and hygiene mats that are produced in our university’s laboratories are provided for the use of our students and their families at the entrance of every building and residence halls.

Pandemic management is a process that can only be successful if it is planned meticulously and executed perfectly. Our primary goal is to preserve the health of all our students, parents and all our members. Due to this, we have prepared our guidelines with the contribution of our members from Science and Consultancy Board, consisting of active specialist doctors who were on active duty during the pandemic at our University Hospital. We would like to thank all our students and their parents in advance for their compliance with the rules and we wish you all great health for the days to come.

Yeditepe University Rectorate