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Monday, 11 December 2017

Başvuru için: http://bit.ly/2A8trHv Yarışma Tarihi : 14 Aralık 2017 – 17.00 -18.00 Mühendislik Binası B410 Numaralı Lab. Daha fazla bilgi için: www.obss.com.tr/academic BİZİ TAKİP EDİN     
International Criminal Law Association President Prof. Dr. John A.E. Vervaele: "The Age of Global Surveillance Has Begun" Stating that with the digitalizing world the age of global surveillance has begun, Prof. Dr. John A.E. Vervaele, president of the International Criminal Law Association added "We are all being followed, we are being watched". An international symposium on "Current Issues on the Protection of Personal Data in European and Turkish Law" organized by Yeditepe University Law School, the Law Club and the Istanbul Bar Association took place at the University’s 26...
*Application Dates: 07.12.2017 - 02.01.2018 *Language exam dates: English: 09.01.2018 Tuesday: 09:15 (Students need to be present in the Rectorate Building İnan Kıraç Conference hall at 09:00) Spanish: 08.01.2018 / Monday at 10:00 (will be announced before the exam) German: 08.01.2018 / Monday at 10:00 (will be announced before the exam) French: 08.01.2018 / Monday at 10:00 (will be announced before the exam) The student has to take the exam in the language he/she is going to study in. You should take the exam of the language chosen at the time of application. The...
Brand Summit at Yeditepe

Monday, 04 December 2017

The "Brand Summit" organized by Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication, Advertising Design and Communication, and Public Relations and Promotion departments will be held on December 6-7. Organized under the coordination of Integrated Marketing Communication Management Master's Program instructor Lecturer Duygu Aydin Aslaner and students, the summit will cover the strategies of brands in the world and Turkey, and the communication activities carried out for this purpose. The summit to be held at the University's Fine Arts Conference Hall will host professionals like M.A.R.K.A....
Happy Teacher's Day

Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Faculty of Fine Arts Dean Prof. Dr. Gülveli Kaya's solo painting exhibition titled 'Time to Love' opened at the Summart Art Center. The artist's 19th solo exhibition "Time to Love" is inspired by a lack of what people in the world need the most in recent years. Detailed information about the exhibition can be found on the web page of the Faculty of Fine Arts.
The third of the Tricontinental Conference will take place at Yeditepe University between 22-24 November.  The first Tricontinental Conference was held in 1966 in Havana with the participation of a large number of third world countries and the second one last year at Madeira University in Portugal after 50 years. Eight countries are expected to attend the Yeditepe University Tricontinental 2017 Conference organized by Yeditepe University Political Science and International Relations Department. The following topics will be discussed at the Africa, Latin America, Middle East and...
With its 5 graduate schools, 87 Master’s, and 40 Doctoral Programs and experienced academic staff, Yeditepe University will help you reach the top. We offer anyone who is looking for a successful career in their business and wants to specialize in their field a successful future.     Graduate School of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History - For information about 2018 Spring Semester Master’s / PhD Program Admission Requirements and Online Registration Procedures please visit our webpage Graduate School of Education Sciences - For...

Monday, 20 November 2017

Yeditepe University Skiing and Snowboarding Team is looking for team members for the new 2017-2018 season. For further information, application and registration for the Yeditepe University Skiing and Snowboarding Team trials on 12-14 January 2018 in Uludağ, please visit the Yeditepe Skiing and Snowboarding booth at the entrance of the Recreational Hall Building until November 24th 2016.